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Originally Posted by rep1954 View Post
My overall length is 30” but if the ATF with their latest the games takes away my brace and I put the raptor style grip on it the overall would be 25 1/2” long.

You took 1/2” off the barrel?

From how I read it, remove the brace from the tube... then measure. The brace is the accessory, not the tube that it attaches to. I specifically say to yank it than collapse it, because if the brace gives you 1/2” more than the tube, ATF is likely going to go with the shorter measurement. If you have to yank the tube, shouldn’t you also yank the Raptor grip with that thought process?

If it is a folder, fold it up and measure (different from long guns, which are measured unfolded). That is where Black Aces and anyone that did a folding brace setup (myself included) got screwed over when ATF put out that letter.

I’d review that June or July 2019 ATF letter, being it did discuss the topic to the best that ATF has gone over in public.
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