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So you're going to sell the .357's you have for a Walther PPK? Good luck Mr. Bond.
Why not? after all, compared to his Beretta, the PPK "hits like a brick through a plate glass window"....

it boils down to this, any and every bullet that goes where it needs to go, works. Whether it expands, or not. BUT, getting that bullet there takes a combination of factors and the world isn't a perfect place.

SO, the while the minimum will work, when things are perfect, having more increases the odds of success when things aren't perfect.

9mm revolvers exist, some think they are ideal for some things. I don't think they are useful for anything I do. If you do, fine, get one, or three if you like. but don't ague what works for me isn't good enough, you're just annoying the pig.

And, don't forget the real lesson of the 1986 FBI Miami shootout. A 9mm, fired from a service automatic, failed to instantly stop the bad guy. The lesion isn't that the 9mm failed, it isn't that we have "better" ammo today. the lesson is that the round that met all the approved requirements and standards of the time, failed in a real world situation.

EVERYTHING has failed, and everything has succeeded, so perhaps we shouldn't blindly accept anyone's "tests" as gospel of how things will go in the real world, every time...
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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