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Federal owns/makes: Gold Dot, Hydra/Hydro shok, HST, Speer Bonded (Underwood and Buffalo Bore loads these old bullets). Vista owns Speer, Federal, Federal Premium...basically all the great bullets except XTP and Barnes.

If Federal (which makes HST 38spl, Gold Dot 357, Gold Dot 10mm) is saying the 9mm HST performs better than their previous bullets because it goes deep, while providing full 9mm expansion, while not requiring massive amounts of velocity (ie, like their old Speer Bonded bullet does), post the link where Buffalo Bore bear killer owner says on his own website 9mm will kill bear, I show a scientific article on metplat size doesn't matter on 357 from a big game hunting bullet maker, I present Lucky Gunner using the same gel with 357 vs 9mm with pictures...and you still want to call me wrong?

At this point, I'm okay with you calling me wrong.

The floor of opinion with no evidence is owned by you.
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