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Tough; Back in days I lived in really sketchy neighborhood and gunfire at night was common as were drive-bys in this place. Could not afford to move anyway, and one day some guys literally destroyed my vehicle with a bat. Called the cops, and they had a million excuses to postpone response until daybreak. I told them I know the perps and they advice me best cause of action is to move because they can't guard me 24/7 to prevent the very real chance of retaliation. Then they proceeded to ask me if I wanted to press charges anyway and have the perps arrested.

In my case, I took the advice and lived in fear under the threats of the said perps for a few months until I had enough to make a deposit on a rental in a different area. I move out and two weeks later, drive-by! Six rounds went through the wall right where my bed used to be. If I had been still in the house, I would not be on this forum let alone have seen the internet happen.

Moral of the story? Sometimes there is not so much you or anyone else can do practically. If you live in a sketchy place move as soon as you are able to.
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