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Well I'm back from the range and have nothing really good to report . I know you know the details of what I was going to do . I'm just writing my full review of my test cus I''m going to start a thread dedicated to the front sight and mounting it to a gas block . This way I will only have to write it once copy and paste .

Lets start with the Magpul MBUS gen 2.

I have the sght mounted to the my gas block ( against the recmmendations of Magpul ). My plan was to fire 100 rounds quickly through the gun to get the gas block and front sight very hot .

I started by making sure the Iron sights were zeroed and then fired a five shot group ( the entire test was conducted at 50 yards ). Unfortunately I lost or misplaced that target . I can tell you they were on target about 3 MOA .( 2 low-2 high and 1 dead center )

I then fired 100 rounds in 82 seconds ( timed ) . When I finished the barrel was smoking and I could smell something that smelled alot like plastic burning Here is the front sight right after the test and the target I shot . I had the front sight down cus I was using my red dot to stay on target for the test .

I let everything cool down and fired a five shot group again . Here is the target ( it's the group on the right ). As you can see the shots are high and to the left . Not uber bad but this is only at 50 yards . At 100 yards that would be a big time mis .

I then re-zeroed the sights and they seemed to work fine . The front sight is still solid and operates just fine but IMO it did lose zero .

Now for the Red-dot (test was conducted at 50 yards ) . I did sight it in right before I did the 100 round test above . As you can see from the 100 round test it apears that the sight moved up from the original zero ( the original zeroed target was also on the target I lost ). I was bumbed about it moving so I re-zeroed it ( target on left ) then put the gun up for about an hour . Before I started shooting it again . I took my 4 in 1 screw driver and banged the scope about 8 times with the handle side pretty good ( front , back ,top ,side, ) . I then shot 30 rounds quikly , let the gun rest a minute or so and shot a 5 shot group ( middle ) . It apears to have held zero this time even after me banging on it .

Im not sure if it just needed to settle in to stay zeroed or if it will just lose zero again next time I go . I left the red-dot on the gun . Next time I go to the range I will check and see if it is still holding zero . Now that I have data and targets to compare it too.I will know right away and should not have to do as much next time . I may be in denial but Im not ready to give up on this sight just yet . However I can not in good conscience recommend it at this time .

Hope this helps . It was alot of fun doing the test .
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