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Leave the guns at home

I suggest leaving the guns at home. First of all, the rally has nothing to do with concealed or open carry. Secondly, its only going to give the protesters more "ammo" (pun intended). They will point out that the rally had nothing to do with carry laws, and therefore we were being unecessarily dangerous by bringing the guns, and we didn't even understand the law they are supporting. Of course, none of that is true, but they will say it is and people will believe them.

Go to the rally, and be prepared to shoot down any lies they start spreading, but leave the guns at home, its only going to tick people off and draw more attention, it wont help our cause. Prepare a well worded argument based on facts about the problems with universal background checks and why they won't reduce crime. The NRA has a great, well sourced article on this called "will universal background checks reduce murder rates". Read this, and bring that to the rally instead of your guns.

And God forbid there is any kind of accident or incident involving a gun, that would look VERY bad for our cause!

The best thing to do is to distribute a concise, well sourced, and comprehensive list of common gun control myths and other information that supports our cause. Everyone should make their own and distribute it to people at these rallies, giving the people who are on the fence a hard copy of a bunch of facts that support gun rights will do more to sway them towards our side than a bunch of use walking around with guns and picket signs. It will make us look well informed and reasonable why the anti-gun protesters will look childish and biased.

And again, make sure the info you distribute is 100% accurate and includes valid sources. If there is even one slightly misleading "fact", it will be pointed out and people will have reason to doubt everything else on the page.

Also, remain calm and respectful. Don't get into fights and don't yell. People aren't going to make up or change their mind based on who can yell the loudest, they will do it based on who can make the most logical argument.

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