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I believe we as citizens have been more than reasonable in the compromise of our 2A rights. I don't know any civilian that has an Apache, etc., tanks, grenades, claymores, etc. that the government forces have access to that they could use against us. We are already under-armed as compared to the potentially "tyrannical" government that 2A was intended to protect us from.
We need to look at all the various forms of power the federal government has grabbed that the original Founders never meant the federal government to have. Most of the federal laws and programs that the federal government has were meant to be dealt with on the state level. I realize however that if the states tried to recover the authority that was intended to be theirs that the federal government would make it extremely rough on such states up to armed invasion against its citizens. Remember the War of Northern Aggression (aka the Civil War)? What was civil about that?
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