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There is no logo on either side of the frame. It is 6 shot, the serial number is 6 digits, 315xxx and no prefix or suffix The serial numbers on the underside of the barrel and the back of the cylinder do match
Assuming it is a S&W revolver (which would have a S&W logo on the side of the frame) then it would be a 38 Military & Police made around 1920.
There should be patent dates on top of the barrel and Smith & Wesson roll marked on the side of the barrel.

The first one has a regular trigger guard, 3 inch barrel and looks like .38 caliber. Serial #199265 on the bottom of the grip. On top of the barrel is "Smith and Wesson Springfield Mass" then a number of pat. dates with the last one being Jan 3 82.
Is it a single action (must pull the hammer back to cock it) or double action (can also squeeze the trigger back to cock it)?
If double action, does it have an exposed hammer or concealed hammer?

The second gun has a small vertical stub under the barrel with a trigger incorporated, no trigger guard at all. 3 inch barrel, looks like .38 as well. Serial #1034684.
Two problems, S&W never used a 7 number serial number and did not offer the gun you described in 38 caliber.

Pictures would really help...

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