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Indentification Help

Hello. I have two old S&W pistols. I am trying to find out any information I can about them. Any help is appreciated. They seem to be in working order but look very worn and I would not fire them. They are conversation pieces only but I would like to know more about them.

The first one has a regular trigger guard, 3 inch barrel and looks like .38 caliber. Serial #199265 on the bottom of the grip. On top of the barrel is "Smith and Wesson Springfield Mass" then a number of pat. dates with the last one being Jan 3 82.

The second gun has a small vertical stub under the barrel with a trigger incorporated, no trigger guard at all. 3 inch barrel, looks like .38 as well. Serial #1034684. Same Smith and Wesson on top of the barrel as the other one but ends with a pat. date of May 11 18XX. Due to corrosion the May is hard to read and could be Mar, and the XX numbers are impossible, although the first X could be a 4.

Both guns have a spring loaded release mechanism on top over the hammer to open the barrel. Both guns have matching serial numbers stamped underneath the latch. No other markings on either gun.

Again, any information would be apreciated even if it's a guess.

Thanks, Brien
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