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No S&W logo on the frame under the cylinder release, 4 screw sideplate and the serial # is on the butt of the frame. There is some rust and pitting but the first 3 #'s are 315
So you're saying there is no S&W logo or there is one?
I need to know how many digits follow the 315. Include any letter prefixes if there are any, such as S or C. Look on the rear underside of the barrel and the back face of the cylinder to see if there are matching serial numbers. And, I assume it's a 6 shot, not 5?

smith 642-1, serial # CRE4XXX
CRE is post 2004. The SCSW only covers up to 2004 so you can call S&W customer service and they will give you the DOB over the phone for free.

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