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Not another "My bullet is bigger than your's" tread!!!


This is absolutely assinine! The question of the thread was "is this an effective weapon?" NOT "does Sarah Brady like it?"

If it pisses Sarah and her retarted friends off, aren't we obligated to own one???

As for wound channel profiles, I would suggest you guys look at Brassfetcher's testing on a number of projectiles that achieve the 'magic 12"' yet fail to expand or cause any form of significant tissue damage. You'll find any number of popular 'pocket pistol' calibers all the way up to 9mm Tokarev and makarov being 'sub-standard.'

Our most recent round of testing (not related to brassfetcher) prooves the FN promotional material that the SS197 (40 grain VMax) penetrates completely through a 12" block of ordinance gellatin when fired from 15' away and creates a nearly 3 1/2 wide permanent crush cavity at 3 3/4 inches of travel into the gel. Elastic cavities are nearly impossible to measure from jello, so anyone that tells gives you stretch cavity size based upon gel testing is full o' poo. Anyway, you can see what SS195, SS197 do on ordinance gel in these video's and still pictures.

To see more of the photo's, video's, cut away's, etc. Come to the to the reloading section and read the thread "Great ammo.'

SS195 (completely exited the block on the side, impossible to determine how far it would have penetrated otherwise)
SS197 (complete penetration through all 12")
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