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Davis...nobody gets upset when the CZ52 is talked about..or the TT33 Tokarev, or .30M1 carbine chambered Ruger BlackHawk, or AMT Automag III
or a .223Remington derringer or any rifle from .22 Hornet on up(for that matter 99% of things shot by a TC contender pistol)....all of which have been around a long time, and will commonly do the same or better and it hasnt ment the end of the world.
the 5.7 is a small rifle round in effect and a pistol to shoot it came out long after the P90 PDW.
This isnt the first time these pics have been on this website..its old news.
And the Brady bunch did their own tests...there is no cat left to let out of the bag..its just a bag.

If this upsets you then I suggest you stop going to the library and using the internet lol...otherwise just move along.
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