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Guys get off the , I cant get SS190 , therefore its puu-puu stuff...SS190 is no more than a lightweight version of the SS109/M855 5.56 has a tiny mild steel nosecone inside....its just service ball ammo.
SS195 only lacks the little nosecone inside, and is loaded just as hot as the service ball its like comparing M193 and M855 if talking about 5.56, either will put your eye out.

In testing SS195 against 7.62x25 86gr FMJ...SS195 out penetrates it.
with a new condition Level 2 vest panel and two 900 page DRY phone books
at 15 yards...a majority of SS195 made it throught the whole thing.
7.62x25: vest panel and stopped in the first phone book.
SS195 penetrated the vest panel nose on and then yawed in the phone books. The vest panel after 35 shots of 5.7 still stopped .357 125gr, 230 gr .45Win Mag, 240gr .44Mag just like it was suppost to.

Kevlar is a woven fabric with high tensile strenth in its individual threads, but does a lousey job with ice picks and small caliber Highvelocity bullets.
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