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I was on the 5.7 forums and they have a post with Balistic gel shots. Both of the civilian rounds you mentioned, failed to penetrate past 9.6" when shot through 4 layers of denim. Hell, even when shot through bare gel, they penetrated less then 10".

I love the concept of the round, and yes shot placement and penetration are key, but if the round you shoot with, wont penetrate deep enough to hit the cns, you gonna be in a world of problems.

Now having said all that, i would love to see some statistics taken from the street. How effective is the ss190 vs the civvy ammo. and what is the fight stopping statistics. 1 shot 2. 20+

I bet with the ss190 it is a great penetrator, but you must remember that gun as well as the ps90 were designed around the armor percing ss190 when it comes to expactations of there effectiveness.
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