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Sorry, gotta disagree here. SS195LF is effectively FMJ, tumbles upon impact yet still penetrates clothing extremely well whereas the SS197SR is loaded w/the 40gr V-Max bullet for fragmentation/expansion. Expecting BG's wearing body armor? Better break out a rifle for that scenario 'cause no handgun's going to do well in that situation.
With that being said I now own 2 FN Five-seveN's. Recoil is very light (allowing for fast followup shots), trajectory is very flat (how about hits at 100yds w/no holdover?) and 21rds w/o reloading isn't a bad thing either.
Effectiveness? Barring a hit to the CNS all handguns are relatively poor "stoppers" regardless of caliber or bullet used. IMHO shot placement & sufficient penetration are the two most important considerations, all else is secondary and I can hit faster & more accurately w/the FN57 than any other handgun (YMMV).
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