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Back in the 70's when I got started in 1911's I was shooting 230gr. JRN with 6.0 to 6.3 grains of Unique with good effect in my Colt Gold Cup. I also used it in .357, and .44Mag for target loads. It was one of my favorite powders.
Fast forward to the Obama powder glut and I ran out of Unique and couldn't find any, as a result I dipped into my shotgun powder stash of Universal Clays which has approx. the same burn rate. I found that in addition to metering much better it also provided similar accuracy and velocity with a smaller charge in powder. As a result it has replaced Unique in my .44 and 357's.

Problem is in finding load data for Universal with .230gr. 45ACP loads in my dozen reloading manuals.
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