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The Gold Dots have plated jackets, though the alloy they plate on is harder than a pure copper plated bullet's exterior is. I had a conversation about this with a Speer tech who had run the plating machine himself. He said that despite the alloy not being pure copper they were still a bit softer than a cup and core jacket and that allowed them to use a bit more powder than a cup and core bullet. So you may have trouble duplicating the load exactly, but I think you'll find POI is fine and you then just want to make the recoil feel about the same for practice purposes, regardless of exact velocity. In general, for a given velocity, a powder that gets you there with a heavier charge will produce more total recoil, but the perception of recoil sometimes is sharper with a fast powder in a locking slide and barrel gun. So you'll have to experiment. Try something quick, like Clays, at the one extreme and something slower like Power Pistol at the other. See which tends to give you the feel of the commercially loaded Gold Dots.
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