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So I have seen many firearms being sold with the TALO description. As far as I understand it, Talo is a distributor of firearms. So they take a gun, put some nice grips on it, change the finsih and viola, an extra $300-$400 dollars retail. Is this just a cosmetics job or do they really enhance the firearm. By such I mean, better reliabity, accuracy, and durability. At the moment I place them along side a commerative that no one asked for or no one cared anout. Am I right in this assumation or not?
I have a Colt's Wiley Clapp Lightweight Commander that was spiffed up a bit by TALO, the pistols itself was extremely loose in its fitting, typical union effort from Colt's. The stocks were interesting in that they were even thinner then the standard thin stocks currently in vogue, and that I assume came from TALO, the grip screw bushings were "obligates" meaning that they will only work with that exact grip, they will not accept any other currently manufactured thin grip from any other manufacturer. That was a PIA, they had to be heated out of the pistols frame as they had been red loctited in, the grips were just to thin, but they were cleverly manufactured to match almost perfectly with the little Colt's front strap checkering, they were the first item I replaced on the pistol! The pistol was advertised as everything you need and nothing you don't, and that certainly rang true with the pistols overall fit and finish, which were as previously noted, very loose and poorly finished! At one time this little Commander carried a $1500.00 price tag, ridiculously overpriced for its level of quality and fit, by the time I got mine from Buds, I paid just $990.00 for it, and frankly that was to high! You can literally turn the pistol over on its side, and watch the slide sag down into the frame, doing so gently back and forth and the two primary components audibly slap! I have owned many Colt's pistols over the years, this will be the last one, I am simply tired from having to contact that company and complain about shoddy work such as the WC LW Commander, they very obviously don't give a rat's ass one way or the other, TALO tries to dress up these guns, and largely they do a pretty decent job of it, however in the case of this particular Colt, its all just lipstick on a pig!
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