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@Mleake--I didn't say the instructor advocated a moving clear--only that he said the law "indulges" the homeowner caught by surprise in his home in the dark and has doubts about his and/or his family's safety. I'm not advocating the moving clear--or even arguing for it--I only mention that I've done it a couple of times without knowing any better because it was my instinct. In both cases, when the guys saw me in a window--they decided to leave the scene--I guess it could have gone the other way but I kinda get the feeling they are more likely to "de-escalate" if they are still outside the home and know someone is actually home. But I will admit that I have no way of knowing whether anyone is actually inside the home other than my dog would probably be going beserk barking and likely attacking. I'm thinking of installing motion-activated lights both inside and outside the home.
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