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I think your edit went the wrong way.

I think your instructor probably meant that the intruder has given you a legal presumption of self-defense, and that legally he has created his own problem via breaking and entering into an occupied dwelling.

I don't think your instructor meant it was a good tactical idea to try a solo, moving engagement.

As others have noted, there may be circumstances where you have to do that. However - and I should note I've only had a very limited amount of training at room or house clearing - training tends to show that even working with a team, houses and rooms have a lot of good points from which a BG can launch an ambush.

Doorways are nasty; areas with furniture suitable for hiding an adult human are also nasty.

Barricading in place, calling 911, and making the threat come to you are tactically safer - again, assuming you don't have loved ones to worry about in other areas of the house.

Put it this way, who would you rather have framed in the doorway? The BG? Or you?
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