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Originally Posted by Willie Lowman
...I challenge anyone in the "shoot them in the dark" side of this argument to show me two reputable defensive shooting schools that advocates against the use of tactical lights.
So to the first proffered Gunsite, I will add Thunder Ranch in Texas. Those are two reputable gun schools that teach this.

I find it interesting that so many gun schools and professionals tell you knot to clear your own house, then proceed to teach you how to clear your own house. As fiddletown noted, maybe you need to get to a loved one, but I am sure that most people who learn house clearing do clear their own houses when there are bumps in the night and very few have ever had to clear to get to a loved one when there has been an intruder. Nobody can afford to cry wolf too many times for a bump in the night and have the cops come out to secure the residence and then later come slowly or not at all for "another false alarm" that isn't.

I now have those stupid curly-q flourescent lights in most of the fixtures in my house. I can now step out into the hallway, flip the switch, and step back into my bedroom before the lights come on, LOL.
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