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Thank you fiddletown--I have a lot to learn for sure.

Let me for a moment post not a hypothetical--but an actual break-in tactic that I have observed gangs use several times on the houses on my street and across the street.

House robbery is often an "initiation rite" for junior members. They usually come in groups of a half dozen or so, and usually hit in broad daylight when the odds are good the owner is away at work--but I have caught a group surveying my house and my next door neighbor's after dark. The property has probably been previously surveyed and they usually know what they are after judging by the consistency of what is stolen and how fast. Just like with the drug-dealing that is rampant in the area, they have "early-warning spotters" with cell phones to give heads up when the police are on their way.

The gang splits up and walks the perimeter of the house with quick checks of windows and usually meets at the back door/porch and that has been the favored break-in point, though they have on occasion selected a window. Doors are forcefully smashed in off their hinges or, if the door has a window, that is smashed and they simply reach through to unlock quickly and the gang swarms in. They know that virtually every house and apartment is alarmed--so they purposefully limit their in-and-out time to just a few minutes, knowing that it takes at least 5 minutes or so (at best, usually longer) for the security company to attempt to verify with owner (the law in this state) before calling to dispatch police.

The house is quickly cleared of preferred booty--(cash, jewelry and electronics-- especially computers and video game consoles) and tossed into a getaway vehicle or kids make off in different directions on foot. Because gangs "own" territories, that seems to be the prevailing MO in my area--but I do read about seasoned adult criminals who will hit a house at any time--and these are the guys who will most likely be armed and will shoot without hesitation--but many of the shootings that occur on a daily basis here are from young adults and teenagers as well--so I do not discount the possibility of a member of the "swarm" robbers is likely armed.

I have a so-called smart phone--but I have difficulty using it (have to get past the power-down, screen lock touch features and navigate to call function to make a call--something I have difficulty with even in broad daylight) so I'm probably not going to be reaching for it in the dark when seconds count--though my security system does have a "panic emergency button" which will bypass verification checks and result in an immediate police call to dispatch to my house. I have several kinds of weapons loaded and ready to go at my bedside--and yes, I figure the odds are extremely good I'm simply going to open fire if someone(s) forcefully breaks-in and rushes into my house. One of my dogs will be attacking for sure--but he will not be enough if there is more than one thug.

So that's what I'm most likely up against--I am interested if this kind of scenario is used in training and what responses are recommended--I can assure you it's realistic. This forum is a great resource for practical information for a beginner like me and the main reason I hang here as opposed to the myriad of other weapons forums out there.
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