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Curious. You've put lots of thought into this but there needs to be a dose of reality here. Shotguns do not spread any appreciable amount in a home. Unless you live in a mansion, you are looking at an average of about 8-12 feet for typical shots. Any more and the threat is really not so much of a threat. At any of these ranges (generally below 5 yards) the shotgun will dump all of its pelets in a neat little pocket. You will need to shoulder the gun and point it at the center of mass. If the threat is close, you are talking point-blank anyhow so jam the muzzle and yank the trigger.

I think you miss the point with any discussion about choke. Even the widest choke will not make up for pointing errors in HD situations. Your biggest asset will be your situational awareness -- is it a friend or foe -- and your willingness to kill your adversary. A case or two of shotshells at the range or in the field should give you a good idea of what your gun is capable of.
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