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I just want to clarify some things. This is for home defense. I am not concerned with anything beyond 10 yds for my first few shots. 25yds or more is somehting I will not see for the initial firing. I also said that I do believe that in my state chasing someone outside greatly increases any chance of getting into far more serious trouble with the law. I have #4 tactical buckshot and a few slugs on a butt stock shell holder if in some unusual case I was outside or needed longer range. I have patterned my gun and for my way of thinking. This is how it is set up. The first shot (which will probably end a hd situation) I want some spread. I will probably be half asleep and questioning "is this really happening". This is why I feel more spread will help. I do understand what you are saying about too much spread and of course I must aim well no matter what. I do understand the limitations of federal personal defense shells. Very close range. Thank you very much for your helpful info!

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