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I have heard a lot lately about tightening up the spread of the shot for what I thought was home defense shotguns. I have a cylinder bored barrel. Here is my question. I thought that in using a shotgun for home defense I am trying to give my self as big of a hit area as I can, am I all backwards on this? My thoughts are that if the pattern of the shotgun is full to the max I may have used a rifle or hangun. I want a hd shotgun to give me a little help in a stressful situation. The longest distance I will ever have to shoot inside is 10yds max. My way of thinking is to use federal personal defense shells. These are supposed to expand quicker. They do. I have patterned them for 10yds and I get an 9-11" circle well within the width of a facing persons body. I feel when the shotgun is needed I will be quite excited and the long gun to hold with two hands should give more stability. Also as I said I want the pattern to help to if my shot was not too hot or if the object moves. Would you guys give me your thoughts on what I've said. This is for a hd situaton only. Last thing some people talk about chasing outside and still firing at a greater range. I don't think that is a good idea. You don't know if the object had any help waiting outside. You have goten the object out of your house and in my state the police do not take very kindly to people chasing intruders outside and finishing them off. You would probably be shooting at their back side, well thats something else...

Looking for any thoughts

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