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Just a thought

Somone posted that officers cannot be forced to work.

If a department cannot strike pecause they have a general responsability to protect, is that not being forced to work? I mean thats in a limited scope, because they could just quit, (which now there would be 200+ applicants lined out teh door, thanks economy!). But excluding quiting there are few options. Everyone taking sick days at once / thats been tried else ware, people were fired. Not doing much while your at work (to tickets, slow response to minor issues, etc). Thats been tried, and officers are diciplined because the dept has statisics on how much of what should be happening, any major drop is automatically the officers fault.

The only thing I have come up with is to have those street cops write down the make an modle and licence plate number of every county board member or village bord member (depending on the dept) and write them tickets every time they go so much as a mile over the speed limit. While that is tecnically legal, 100 tickets to 10-20 people eventually can be interprited as harassment. I don't think too many officers would like to go to court to answer for that one even if they come out on top.
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