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Case law

I know this because any everytime my county board wants to play games with my dept and we end up being out of contract for 3 years (right now we're out 14 months) somone always brings that up and its immidiatly shotdown by the F.O.P. who cites case law after case law. Its always over little things too. Can't understand why the board doenst understand that if they deal with our little issues in one contract all future ones are limited to pay and issues they may have.

I doubt its actually written down In the compiled statues. But case law and bad publicity is more than enough to have a judge.


Before somone goes on a rant about pay and the economy, My department is 12% behind in pay every year vs. comparible departments, while the stiking thing is different with corrections (I was originally speeking about Street cops so please take the above post in that manner) my department houses 700+ inmates including federal and other counties inmates (we rent out beds and make the county bookoo money). Our comparable departments house between 40 and 70 inmates. Comparables rely on county population and income to the county goverment not inmate population. If it relied on imate population, or the fact that we house federal inmates, that 12% yearly gap would be more like 20%.
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