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Darn, and here I was thinking that wild animals weren't sent running for the hills by the impressive sight of my Mossberg Shockwave, then the sound of me working the action most certainly would, and thus everything I was saying in favor of the Shockwave up until now is null and void.

Wait a minute, I don't remember saying anything like that at all, and upon reviewing my previous posts, I in fact did not, so yeah, I'm not entirely sure just who you were arguing with there, but you certainly showed them.

Anyway, as for everything else you said which was actually relevant to my post, dunno what to tell you... The felt recoil of the the Shockwave is nothing to me, just a jolt straight backwards which collides with nothing, thus resulting in no pain or discomfort, which is less than I can say for other shotguns. Maybe it's the push/pull method of my grip if it isn't the grip design itself, but it works for me regardless, and I am confident that I could defend myself from an attacking bear with it. What's more, I think that with proper practice, just about anyone who can handle a shotgun to begin with could learn to handle a Shockwave adequately as well, provided that their pride doesn't prevent them from sticking with it long enough because it quite as intuitive as shooting a conventional shotgun, that is.
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