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I really don't mean to offend anyone on this question, but I gotta ask...

What do you shoot with these things? Just fun stuff at 15 to 20 yds. or so, to just try to bust clay birds, empty cans and etc. (I suppose a cottontail for the pot would be feasible in the right circumstance)? I think of the reason they were kinda developed and used were to deter bandits/highwaymen from a coach situation, intimidating them with that flared muzzle. The Sitting Fox gun is rather cool to look at, but personally I just can't get my reasoning thought around needing one; home defense? I suppose it would be a loud, smoking scattering belch of whatever you'd run down the tube if set off in a dwelling, say, at 3am. when/if seriously needed.

Surely wouldn't need a funnel to load it... and yeah, to me, too, it really should be a flinter. Just me, just sayin.' Have at it, and have fun!
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