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Wow, were they from the same box/lot? ES and SD are horrible.
Yes--same box.
The minute or so between shots for 8 rounds should not make a huge difference ..... now if you cranked off a dozen on a cold day in a mad minute and then left one in the chamber for a minute, I'd expect a higher velocity from the higher powder temp ....
My reasoning as well.
Thank you all especially stag for posting stats that confirmed my initial suspicion.
Glad to be of service.

I also may have had the "luck of the draw" for getting a bad batch--I have a stunning knack for purchasing defects in my firearms adventures. LOL Last year I bought a box of 45-70 federal stuff from a local GS--had trouble getting the cartridges to chamber; came to find out they were literally bent. Local GS said no way refund once ammo went out the door.
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