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Rough Load workup

I see a lot of threads wondering how to do a load workup, here is a step by step rough 4 X 4 workup. This is designed toi get me in the ballpark and fine tuning is still needed

Fist step was researching the load. It is meant as a long range load up to 800 yards. The BC of this bullet is too low for 1000 yards, it drops below 1350 FPS at 1000 and would probably be OK but I would prefer the 142 SMK for 1000 shooting

Once I determined what range I plugged numbers into a ballistics calculator to see what FPS would be needed to get 1350 or better at 800 and researched the powders I have on hand. H4350 is the popular choice for a lot of shooter for 6mm as well as 6.5, gives great speed and I have about 7 pounds on hand so that was the powder choice.

The Sierra manual does no list H4350 so it was off to the Hogdon site where it listed a minimum of 43.5 to a maximum of 46.5. I like to have at least two load data sources and looked at the Nosler 120 CC data. In my experiance the SMK and Nosler CC bullets are very similar and almost identical in in ogive shape. They listed 44.5 to 48.5. Ken Waters Pet loads book is a good reference to check and see also but I would warn against using it as the sole data source, but he had 43.0 and the SMK listed as a very accurate load

Now to actually load the test ammo on post 2
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