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Gun Control

I wrote this to a friend of a friend and wanted to see if there are others that think like me. I am a pretty liberal guy, not really the bleeding heart type if you want to try and stereotype, but liberal none the less. I own 3 firearms, believe in the ability to protect yourself on an individual level, believe in hunting for food and enjoy the sport of shooting a couple times a year. I am not scared of the government and believe in regulation to protect society.

"So I get that guns can be cool, interesting, shooting can be fun. I was a cop for 3 years and even owned an ar15 with an eotech halo sight on it. It was fun to shoot. Really easy to hit the target. Also, ballistics and trajectory and all that stuff is fascinating in a really scientific way. You have to be pretty smart to understand it.

However, I've changed my mind on how this should be regulated after seeing tragedy after tragedy and nothing being done to try and make impactful positive changes.

Here is the thing, there is a model at how to address mass shooting and its been completely successful but it would be a huge change in this country and would not go over smoothly. If I was in charge I would do it in a second.

Australia banned certain types of guns after a mass shooting and one hasn't happened since. I think they count a mass shooting as more than 5 people not known by the shooter.

I realize other gun crimes could still happen but you can't compare gun all gun violence and mass shootings. Mass shooting are their own animal and what allows them to happen is the precision and effectiveness of the guns we allow citizens to own in this country.

We would have to outlaw semi automatics, period. I am all for it, I'd gladly regulate my right so that everyone can go to events with out fear. We would have to not grandfather in anything, we would have to have a mandatory gun buy back AND anyone who did no comply must face federal prison time. Harsh penalties, years in prison if you're caught keeping your gun.

I used to say ban high capacity semi autos, but now I just say semi autos. It's what Australia did and its easier that way. It creates a black and white line. If people want to negotiate I'd say maybe I'd be willing to negotiate on handguns. For example, again, ban the semi autos, which, like a glock with high capacity magazines can do tremendous damage, but keep revolvers which are technically double action and not semi auto legal because they traditionally and physically have a lower capacity anyways. I'm also ok with highly regulated carrying options for people that need to protect themselves on and individual level.

Or another idea, and how Australia does it, is still allow for handguns but highly regulate them through strict permitting. I kinda like that idea and passing a federal concealed carry license. I do believe concealed carry helps with the day to day crime prevention.

Also we could regulate and limit ammo sales like we do pharmaceuticals and incorporate psych evals some how.

There's plenty more we could do with out losing our right to own guns for protection, hunting and recreation."

Its like if I have a hammer and you have a nail gun you are going to build a lot more houses than me. Except human lives being taken.

I think its really selfish to put your hobbies and enjoyment ahead of protecting society from mass shootings. It's not easy to come up with an analogy but I'll try. Its like if for some reason explosives were never regulated and people never used them for evil and you and I really got into making bombs and just blowing stuff up because it was fun. Then people started using them to kill large amount of people at events and people were calling for regulation and we were like "but we are having fun and not hurting anyone so don't take this away!"

On top of my recommended gun control above another idea I once had was to do as I said I would like to see done above but then make another exception for recreational shooters. I've done a 3 gun match before (only once, placed second out of 20 some people, not to brag) I know people enjoy it and at the time I even did.

What if you allowed people to own ar15s and whatever military/police grade weapons still, with extensive background checks and whatever else for recreation BUT they had to be kept at a shooting facility in an armory and could only be checked in and out for events and for practice?"

I just wanted to share my thoughts, and am open to listening to yours, whether I agree with them or not we can at the very least discuss. I know some of the thoughts are incomplete and maybe it might be a little all over the place. This was just kind of a brainstorming more or less.


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