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An friend and I ferried a helicopter from Pasco, Washington up to Anchorage about a year ago, our first stop in Canada was in Kelowna. now this helicopter we picked up from another pilot that had started this journey in Arizona where the helicopter was originally based. the other pilot had some recurrent training he had to do so he couldnt finish the flight. we were only supposed to finish the ferry and the other pilot was to continue the heli-skiing operation once the heli got up to Alaska.

of course there is some paperwork involved with crossing an international border with an aircraft where you declare who is on the aircraft and the cargo carried ect. we landed the helicopter, with customs waiting.

they were asking us the normal questions : who does the helicopter belong to. how do you know each other. yadda yadda yadda.

what this other pilot forgot to mention was he left a bunch of cloths and a snowboard in the cargo space of the heli (we figured it was survival gear/parts that went with the helicopter because thats what the back seat was full of). so when customs asked us what was in the bags we said "it must belonged to the other pilot".

they got their feathers all ruffled up and started asking more questions about this "other pilot"

after completely unloading everything in the friggin helicopter spreading it all over the ground and making a complete mess they let us go on to our hotel for the night.

Never once did they act rude to us, they were suspicious (reasonably so) about the "other pilots bags" but they didnt accuse us of smuggling anything. heck even our cab driver to our hotel was very pleasant (but he did look like a hobo ).

I dont have a problem with Canada. I have a couple of Canadian friends and really enjoyed every second of the flight through it. Isnt it a stereotype that all Canadians are apologetic and nice? I have found it pleasantly true
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