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I haven't really discussed it yet. I have go bags ready in the basement and she freaked out and called me everything under the sun from paranoid to psyscho. Didn't really care to listen to the fact that last year, about this time, we lost power for 3 days and had to leave our house and stay at my moms. Not an option anymore as my mom has passed and we will need to either hole up or go elsewhere, doesn't a go bag make sense then?

I don't think she would be too receptive to the conversation of "don't out me" as I don't think she really thinks it will ever happen. I'm a planner and she is not and that's just the way it is. Kids on the other hand, my 19 and 16 yr old are on board with the plans, even though they think I think things through too far as well, but at least they're on the same page.

She carries sometimes as well and shoots every bit as good as I do. She doesn't like to think that far ahead.
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