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Will you be exposed?

I've been thinking about this for a while and haven't seen it addressed so want to ask:

How have you prepared your family for the time when you may need to use your CCW? Through training we have learned to not jump into a situation unless 100% certain about what is going on.

What will your family members say if you

1) Walked up on a fight and a gun is pulled and it is not clear who the bad guy is...

2) Were in a convenience store when an armed robbery began, weapons pulled etc.

Will your husband, wife, significant other, child know to not expose you with

"Dad, shoot him!!" or "Bob, get your gun!!!!" after a robber pulls the trigger on a clerk.

Do your companions know not to expose you and can you trust them in a panic situation to not blurt out that you're armed?

Your thoughts, please.
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