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It was no "scenario", but a man in a nearby town fired a shot from an SKS at his wife. Fortunately, he missed, but the bullet went out through his house wall, penetrated the exterior wall of a house 80 yards away, then went through an interior wall, out an exterior wall, and lodged in the exterior wall of a third house. Again very fortunately, no one was hurt. And that was a "low power" 7.62x39. Any questions?

As to bullets FALLING straight down, there is no practical difference in velocity and energy for bullets of the same weight no matter what kind of gun fired them. Terminal velocity is terminal velocity; the only difference would be due to air resistance. The hailstone does not provide an analogy, because it is much lighter than the bullet and its terminal velocity is lower due to air resistance. Mass does count. Which would you rather catch if it were falling from a building, a matzoth ball or a cannonball?

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