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graduation gift

Bought an 870 as a college graduation gift, to myself in 1980. It was a magnum, with great honkin' 30" ribbed barrel, cause Ben Rodgers Lee, the turkey guru from AL, said that's what one needed. One season lugging that sewer pipe around, even as a young guy, convinced me Lee was probably not walking very far!

No choke tubes in those days, so I paid way too much for a vent rib 26" full choke barrel, and later a 26" IC. Even later, I was given a Rem Choke rifle sighted 20" barrel, screwed in a Rem Super Full turkey choke, and the old 870 has been a dedicated turkey gun ever since.

That gun has been shot enough over the years that I had to replace the "carrier/shell lifter" (?) as a riveted part came loose and needed replaced. Also had a shell latch come loose, needing to be re-staked. The nice walnut stocks are off, replaced with synthetic. The bluing at the receiver junction is gone by years of handling at trail carry while hunting. All in all a good, reliable shotgun and my only shotgun for a very long time, though that has changed. A tad heavy too me these days, all steel and an optic, but it went gobbler chasing 28 mornings this year, and killed 4!
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