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Yes, as I said "marijuana is still federally illegal"...
Illegal is illegal. The only difference is what type of court the prosecution takes place in.

As I said, in 2018, the federal policy not to enforce marijuana infractions was officially changed by AG Sessions. The fact that they haven't made a concerted/publicized push to enforce the laws only means they haven't made a concerted/publicized push to enforce the laws. Tomorrow they could start an active enforcement campaign, or tomorrow they could hold off a bit longer. If anyone knows what they have planned, they're not making it public.
Plus the states are taking taxes from the sale of said product and they haven't done anything about that.
As far as I know there's no law against collecting sales tax on illegal sales.
States have to start somewhere and I believe it's a good start.
It's not any kind of a start at all, good or otherwise.

It doesn't do anything in terms of changing the legality. The only thing that changes is the entity who is doing the enforcement and prosecution. The marijuana model is a problematic analogy for this particular topic--as mentioned before the federal government has sent mixed signals about marijuana prosecutions and enforcement--but there has been absolutely nothing ambiguous about their intent to continue to enforce the NFA.
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