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Depending on where your hunting shooting a deer with a rifle can loose it's appeal, if you hunt the same place year after year you learn where and when to hunt and it can be a matter of pulling the trigger. At some point you start looking for trophy animals, when you walls are full of heads you start looking for a more difficult hunting method. Not everyone goes through that but many do, I've hunted 5 different states and killed lots of animals with a rifle, I don't get as excited as I would like to shooting animals with a rifle.
I'm a gun person, don't really like shooting bows, rarely practice{thank god for modern sights, eccentric cams and releases} with them but hunt the first week of rifle season every year with one. Nothing is more thrilling than shooting a deer or elk with a bow at 20yds. I can sit in a treestand all day and watch nature go by, probably shot half a dozen deer standing directly underneath the stand.
Crossbows are less objectable to me but they're heavy and awkward, I often walk in close to a mile to my treestands and they suck to carry and almost as loud as a gun.
I know lots of older gun guys who have taken up archery hunting vertical/crossbow for the extra challenge.
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