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Modern hunting rifles are devoid of a lot of gadgets.
No, lots of gadgets on rifles. Big scopes, rangefinder scopes with lighted reticles, lightweight carbon-wrapped barrels, graphite/kevlar stocks, sorbothane recoil pads, detachable box magazines, etc. Won't even get into the ammo. But man, you want to see gadgets, go look at bowhunters.

I started out with a 62" Drake recuve bow, no sights. It was easy to shoot, a dream, it could cast an arrow 150 yds easily. A lot of guys got shorter bows, so I got a Bear Kodiak (finger pinching SOB if there ever was one), still no sights. After a few years, people started carrying those old cable monstrosity compound bows, single cam bows, cantilevered limb bows and what not. Then cam bows, carbon fiber limb bows, magnesium riser carbon fiber limb parallel limb compouunds. Same deal with sights. Like I said, I started out shooting bare bow. Pretty soon people were using kissing buttons. Then 20-yard pin sights, then 20 and 40, then 20, 30, 40, 50 yard sights. Then peep sights. Then lighted fiber optic pin sights. Then bow scopes. And string silencers? We stared out with a couple of pieces of sheepskin on the bow string, then got spider strings, then string snubbers, then dampers, string silencers that tied the string to the limb, you name it. And all that so some animal wouldnt get spooked at the sound of your release. And let's nbot forget quivers, stabilizers, etc. I finally went back to my old recurve, then quit bowhunting altogether when the game deptartments decided you needed a separate class and special license to bowhunt. Picked up my old Mauser and started rifle hunting again. And you know what? It's not half bad.
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