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Originally Posted by AlongCameJones View Post
My belief is that if there were no restrictions of rifles, rifle seasons and rifle ammo types for deer hunting all over America, there would be proportionally many more rifle hunters and far fewer hunters who use alternate methods. Yes, hunters have more opportunity to harvest deer using variety of methods only because game regulations limit the opportunity for guns on deer.

If I were to have my way, modern rifles would be permitted all deer season long, and all season long for other big-game species, in all 50 states, with no requirements to use straight-wall cartridges anywhere and no prohibitions on bullets containing lead. Sure I would welcome other methods afield but they should share the woods with the rifle users. But as a strict rifle hunter for deer, I object to the crafting of game regs that cut my deer seasons short.
I would agree with you for private land. But for public land, we all have to share: the rifle with the bow hunters, and the hikers, and the bicyclists, and the bird watchers, and the tree huggers...

Keep in mind that the most important reason to have separate rifle and archery seasons for hunting is safety. I don't think that the separate seasons are set up in order to give archery folks an extra advantage.

Archery hunting is done with stealth, and archers try to cammouflage and they don't wear orange. It would be dangerous to have rifle and archery hunters mixed together, with the bow hunter using cammo and decoys and the rifle hunter shooting from afar... unless of course (as it is done in Colorado during rifle season where bows are allowed) the archer has to wear orange. In which case it is harder to get closer to game.

I mean picture this:

or this:

... but.. through the limited field of view of a rifle's scope, from 300 yards. Can you see a problem?

Regarding your grandpa... well I am a grandpa too, and whenever I say "Go on, get outta here! " I just want the grand kids to leave me the heck alone, I can only take so much of them.

Unlike your gramps I am not against rifle scopes or archery, but I am against smart phone apps, and video games, and cars and appliances that talk to me (Alexa!) .... We all have our grouches.
Get a bunch of us old grumpy grandpas together and nothing would be allowed!

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