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I've shot a fair number of turkey with a Stevens 311 20ga SxS. It was choked IC/M. I never lost a bird with it, but I knew how the gun pattered and aimed for the head/neck. Using #4 and #6 1 1/4oz loads there was more than enough pellets in the kill area to get the job done. I wouldn't leave the house/camp with that outfit with the sole intent of hunting turkey, but I like to hunt grouse and if a bird becomes a target of opportunity I've always found that I had enough gun with me if I took the correct shot. I'd have no qualms about a 3" 12ga with steel shot. Just take your gun to a pattern board and see how your ammo is performing at various distances. You'll then know your limitations. FWIW, I've shot a lot of geese at some respectable ranges using steel shot and they aren't any easier to kill than a turkey.
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