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Originally Posted by dahermit View Post
Although I never had, or used a 25-06 on deer here in Michigan, years ago I shot a whole lot of them with a .257 Roberts with good results. Reading my old log-book notes from back then (pre-1986), I used 117 grain Sierra Boat Tails over 47 grains of H205 (it was in an early Ruger M77 with excessive free-bore so I don't know how safe that load would be in any other gun) with a Federal Match Primer resulting in under one-inch groups.

I never found the need for any premium bullets...cup and draw standard bullets always produced a pass-through shot with very quick put downs. That begs the question for me: Why use exotic, premium bullets when the old cup and draw bullets worked so well? More expensive is not always "better".
For plinking, I agree that any bullet will do. I shoot 3 or 4 deer a year, Whether I shoot a $.25 or $.68 bullet to harvest those deer is in the grand scheme of things not really significant. I can usually work up a load, be zeroed, and have my dope sheet to 400 yds in less than 30 rounds. (Thats assuming it takes 4 or 5 loads to be accuracy happy) I had my 6 5x300 Wby ready to go to 1000 in less than 20 shots. (First load I tried shot same ragged hole at 100)
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