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A state that bans slingshots is not a state I'd trust..
I'm not entirely certain NJ bans slingshots, though everyone seems to think so, a careful reading of the law might show differently.

I recall hearing about one jurisdiction, I think it was in NY, but might have been in NJ, where "slingshots" were banned. Someone did some digging, because, after all banning a kids slingshot??? sounded stupid.

He found out that the current ordnance "banning slingshots" was copied from an old 1800s law that banned "slung shot".

They sound a lot alike, but there is a significant difference between a slingshot, and "slung shot". Slung shot is NOT the past tense of slingshot.

Slung shot is shot "slung" (fired) from a sling. Think David and Goliath, that kind of sling (or a staff sling), and is entirely capable of being lethal. "Sling bullets" are round or oval, often lead, and the sling is capable of much, much higher velocity than the rubber band or tubing used in a kid's slingshot.

If I remember right, the law was rewritten and kids got to keep their slingshots.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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