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There's some good info and bad info in this thread.

The guy who got arrested at the airport was eventually had the charges dropped, though they put him through hell for a bit.

Bringing a shotgun is a TERRIBLE idea. If you can't prove you brought for a sporting event, you'll regret it.

You don't actually need a permit to own a pistol in NJ. You can bring any number with you if you MOVE here or inherit them and they aren't illegal in this state (or you're a prohibited person). You only need a permit to BUY a handgun in the state of NJ. Just be prepared to prove you bought legally living out of state. Not that it matters since you aren't moving here.

Fopa doesn't even come close to applying so I'm not sure why it was even mentioned.

The best advice you got though was DON'T bring a gun to NJ. If you can't prove you brought it for hunting (which means it better be the right season) or a tournament you could be in a lot of trouble if you got caught with it.
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