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Don't take ANY guns into NJ. Its the safest thing to do, legally. Even though YOU might be in full compliance with Federal law, NJ officials may not be. They've done it before.

Also, your situation (staying for a week) means you would NOT be under the protection of the Federal FOPA.

SO, in order for you to legally have a firearm in NJ, you would have to comply with ALL NJ LAWS. If you don't (and you really cannot, since you are not a resident of NJ), then you would be breaking NJ law, and they will prosecute, and convict you.

The only real option you have is to leave your guns at home, accepting the risk to your physical safety to give you legal safety from "illegal gun possession" charges.

The best solution, though seldom possible is to stay with a NJ resident who has a legal permitted gun. Good Luck!
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