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We've always told our kids, "Nothing good happens after midnight." We know they have always heeded our advice.

But I wanted to address two points made in previous comments: (1) the admonition to lock doors and (2) FireForged's post #20 in which he says, "Firstly, there is no such thing as luck."

I address these points by referring to horrible luck a family in my area suffered that involved an unlocked door and the murder of a child. My information is obtained from the Kentucky Supreme Court Opinion found here:

The defendant was known as "an exemplary, dependable, and trustworthy employee" with no history of mental illness. He began exhibiting bizarre behavior the first week in December 2015 which culminated in instances of sobbing, babbling about inane subjects, and leaving his fiancé, with whom he had gone shopping with earlier in the day for an engagement ring. He was thought to be headed from his residence in Indianapolis to relatives living in Florida.

Instead, he wound up in Versailles, Kentucky, a small town he had never been to before. Versailles is about 10 to 12 miles off I-64.

The defendant told investigators that "he saw a street sign that said either “Grey’s Street” or “Grey’s Road.” He said the sign made him think of the television show “Grey’s Anatomy,” which, in turn, made him believe he needed to perform surgery. The house he chose to enter was the home of the Tipton family. He said he selected the home because of the Christmas lights on the outside." Opinion, p. 5. Unfortunately, a key had broken of in the backdoor lock a few days before and the front door was left unlocked so one of the family members could enter the house without waking the other family members after she got off work.

Instead, the defendant entered about 4:00 a.m. and stabbed and killed a six-year old child with a butcher knife. The child's father was able to struggle with the defendant and take away the knife. A jury found the defendant not guilty of murdering the child and burglary by reason of insanity, but guilty of two felony assault charges and a misdemeanor. The opinion upheld the guilty verdicts against the argument that they were inconsistent with the not guilty by insanity verdicts. I won't go into that any further.

The point is that there is such a thing as luck because a madman chose a house for no reason other than it was on Grey Street/Road and had Christmas lights on it. In addition, the house happened to be unlocked due to the seemingly random event of a key breaking off in a door lock. The result was a tragedy.
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