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Originally Posted by onlinebiker View Post
I rarely go for a neck shot. I shoot out of a stabilized elevated blind. (Guy cables with leg capture) I shoot off a Bogen heavy tripod topped with an Outers Varmiter gun rest. My wobble zone at 100 is well under an inch and I do consistent 1 inch groups with my Bushmaster AR in .450 Bushmaster.

Under 100 yards I prefer headshots. Not something you would do if you are a trophy hunter - as it generally liquifies the skull. I hit a 4 point early this season and it hydrauliced the eyes out of the skull like tennis balls. Sorta comical.

Zero meat wasted. I like that part.

Past 100 I use heart/lung. It's simply the largest sure target.

I expect to get 5 deer again this year - and have not had to track one in 4 years. That's important to old cripples like me.

450 Bushmaster is pretty good at DRT.
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