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Originally Posted by Sure Shot Mc Gee View Post
Someone wants to make neck_ head_ or top of the spine shot's above the front shoulder/s they best be shooting Nosler Ballistic tips or a Hollow point. Anything other bullet tip may garner a long walk to retrieve.

I seldom shoot deer in the ribs. I like those spare ribs for a BIG pot of sauerkraut and potatoes. Best boiled dinner there is on a cold/rainy Fall night.
200 yrds or less you'll witness me aim at the White throat patch or a perfect side to side top of the spine_ either or is my preferences.
Don't like head shots as I've observed a couple big deer get up and actually walk away being shot there. Guaranteed such head wounds will cause total blindness or the complete lower jaw destroyed. Heard tell of a fellow making a head shot upon rolling the dead deer over onto its back in the grass was kicked and charged. Missed the head but deer was hit on one side of horn at its base.
Any head shot you saw a deer walk away from was the result of poor placement! Not saying I would take a head shot but it s a very small target. Only ever made one and the bullet, 175gr from 7mm Rem Mag, went in the back of the head and completely cleaned out the head shoving everything out the nose. A broken jaw is very bad placement! At the end of the day, the value of the shot you take is going to rely almost entirely on your shot placement. Largest and easiest target to hit is the lungs!
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