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My problem is that, unless the distance is short and the animal is very still, the neck presents a significantly smaller target than the chest.

remember that the spine is not the only thing in the neck that will cause a mortal injury when hit. There are also large arteries and veins that will cause exsanguination and cessation of blood flow to the brain, when injured.
The veins and arteries are so close up to the spine as to be pretty hard to hit either without the temporary cavity/shock wave/bullet fragments affecting one without the other.

And don’t forget a tracheal hit that will cause suffocation in short order.
It'd have to be a pretty explosive bullet to destroy and block the trachea.... very little meat around it to offer the necessary resistance to cause the bullet to mushroom/upset..... you are not likely to suffocate them in short order by doing a ballistic tracheotomy- punching a hole in it won't stop it up.
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